Clicking at starter or solonoid?

on occasion i have had trouble with my truck not starting, just making a click noise like when a solonoid has gone bad, since then i have replaced starter, solonoid, alternator, battery and cable ends, noow all i get is the click noise when i try to start it, getting desperate as this is my work transportation, any help?

Check and clean all contact points . . . battery to ground . . . hot to starter, etc. Make everything shiny and clean. You’ll be happy with the results. I had the same symptoms on my pickup, it started but was sluggish and had clicking. Just before I was about to order a new starter, (had a new battery) I changed terminals, cleaned posts, and basically followed every wire I could that was connected to starting . . . and cleaned the contact points. First turn of the key was remarkable! Rocketman

When I had the same problem on my 87 Ranger I very simply added a jumper cable to the different cables.

When I added a jumper from positive battery post to starter relay, no joy it still would’nnt crank.

Added the jumper from negative battery post to engine block & when it fired right up I knew the negative cable was shot.

If you cant visually see how the start circuit is wired simply take a quick look at your start circuit wiring diagram & do the same as I did with your jumper cable.