60k service-- advice?

My 2007 nissan versa hatchback is due for 60k maintenance, and I’m wondering what services I should definitely get, which are optional, and which are unnecessary. For the most part, my car has been running without problems; I had some brake work down a few months ago, and am consistent in getting my oil changed. When I was due for the 30k check, I made the mistake of going to the dealer, and they recommended changing several fluids-- at about $175 a pop! I didn’t get all of them done, but it was still several hundred dollars worth of service-- I’m hoping to get some education from this group before I head to the shop, to avoid a repeat!

Thanks much.

Consult your maintenance schedule to get the full story on what needs to be done. This should be either in or with your owner’s manual. If there is anything in there you have missed previously, get those done as well to catch up on your maintenance. Following this schedule will keep your car running relatively trouble free for a good long time. If you plan to keep this car forever, I would change two things with the factory maintenance schedule. I would perform a coolant flush every two years and change the transmission fluid and filter (if it has a replaceable filter) every 30k miles. Changing the brake fluid every 2-3 years is also a good idea, but this is probably already covered in your factory maintenance schedule.

I’d flush the brake fluid every 3 years, but it should be a lot cheaper. How long in your coolant supposed to last? I wouldn’t worry about the power steering fluid.

Consult your owner’s manual maintenance schedule.

Change the auto transmission fluid every 30,000 miles. It doesn’t say to do that in you owner’s manual, but it is worth it to keep the transmission running for well over 100,000 miles.