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It is time for my 30,000 service on my matrix. My personal mechanic wanted to change all the fluids and charge 600.00. The maintenace manual says to check fluids. The toyota dealer wanted to change all the fluids and charge 600.00. I called Toyota Corporation and they told me to do what the maintenance book says but also said to do what ever the dealer said to do. Do you think it is necessay to change all the fluids or just check and replace what is needed.

Both are telling you to do unneeded services. I change my auto trans and brake fluid at 50,000 or so. Will it hurt to do it at 30,000? No. But I think 50,000 is often enough for those 2 fluids. As for any others, go strictly by the manual.

Questions for you: what fluids? and how long do you plan to keep the car?

Obviously the oil should be changed.

Also a good idea to change the tranny-fluid.

There’s no need to change any other fluid…and those two shouldn’t come anywhere close to $600. In fact if you changed all the fluid it shouldn’t come close to $600.

I’d find a different mechanic.

Do what the maintenance schedule says. The Toyota engineers wrote the maintenance schedule, and they know best. Replace the fluids according to the schedule that came with the car.