500,000 Miles on a Camry

Many of the parts from the Camry’s engine still met manufacturer tolerances for brand new parts

Clearly it’s marketing, and not run “in the wild”…but pretty impressive!

Crankshaft bearings experienced nearly a billion revolutions.

A+ Toyota; keep up the good work!

Mobil 1™ High Mileage – The 500,000-Mile Challenge

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My 98 Pathfinder was close to 500k when the 4th timing belt broke. It was then owned by my daughters ex-BF. He decided to junk it. Up until that point it was still running great.

Most vehicles won’t reach 400k or even 300k miles. But people who do proper maintenance (as outlined in owners manual) have a better shot at it. We’ve owned 5 vehicles that lasted over 300k miles. And every single one was still running very well when we sold/gave away.

Who would even want to keep a car that long? By that point the interior smells like a$$, and you’re just tired of looking at the old heap.


It’s true, in many cases. A friend of mine reported that every time he became enthused over buying an old car that he saw, his wife would say, “Why would I want to sit in a car that smells like a$$?”.

lol … funny story. I guess it’s a compromise, drive an old, smelly car but have extra loot to spend on movies, restaurants, and gadgetry,; or drive a pristine car but cook at home b/c can’t afford the away-from-home life luxuries. Best compromise of course is new pristine car and still have more money than you know what to do with, but that’s harder to achieve. Maybe just deodorize the older car? … lol …

Trust me… It’s doable if you have played your cards right over the past few decades.


Retired co-worker put over 300,000 on her 2007 Camry, at least 200,000mi were after Toyota put in the new pistons and rings to fix the oil burning problem, gave it to a relative and bought a new Camry about a year ago.

I have run cars up to well beyond 200,000 miles, and they did not smell at all. I have seen cars in the junkyard with over 300,000 miles, and they did not smell bad, either. Even my work truck, which has over 250,000 miles, and has been smoked in by several past employees, does not smell bad.

Whether or not the interior of an old car reeks is directly related to the hygiene of the driver and the usual passengers. I can’t be the only one who sometimes sees cars with multiple “pinetree” air fresheners hanging from the rear view mirror.

Every time I see something like that, I have to wonder about the driver’s personal hygiene. I recall once seeing an old Honda that had–probably–at least a dozen of those air fresheners hanging from the mirror. Regular bathing on the part of the driver would likely have eliminated the need for all of those things dangling from the mirror.

As to the stench from cigarettes, here is where personal perception comes into play. Being a non-smoker, I can instantly detect the smell from old, stale cigarette smoke, and I find it really obnoxious.

When I helped my first son buy a car we test drove many cars that you could easily tell was owned by a previous smoker. Getting smoke out of fabric and carpeting isn’t easy.