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Posi or Locker?

I have a 1967 chevy truck. Im tired of spinning one tire. Should I go with the easy locker or a posi unit, and why? I drive the truck mabey once a month.

You drive it once a month? Why bother?


It is also dangerous. Ill spin the one tire and sometimes the other will catch and sling the rear around. Just looking for advice.

Also I need some traction. With 500hp I stop at a red light and when I go to take off I spin a tire or always catch a second. I think a locker or posi would help that. I have heard off alot of of roaders using lockers, just wandering if it would be right for the street. It is a little cheaper than puttting a posi in.

If you got a differential lock, for how long or how much of your driving would you plan to keep it engaged?

Well with the detroit easy locker it rathcets so it will only be engaged when in power.

it will only be engaged when in power.

So if you’re accelerating in a turn with both rear wheels in your pickup locked together, aren’t you worried that 500hp will cause them to spin (allowing lateral forces to happily take over)?

nevermind. I got my question answered by calling eaton. They have a trutrac locker that only fully locks when going straight and adjust for cornering. Mabey you should do your homework before responding. They have a great website and customer help line if you have any more questions like this you need to answer. Better luck helping someone else!

I have a Powertrax No-Slip locker in my Bronco. It’s very streetable. You could also go with a selectable air locker or an e-locker that offers on-demand traction, you engage and disengage it via switch.

Let me get this straight - the person who VOLUNTARILY gave you FREE HELP is now getting your GRIEF?? Give me a break!!

Wow. Talk about a temper. The people in this forum are voluntarily trying to help, and you’re ripping into him like he just kicked your dog. By the way, how about accelerating from a stop GENTLY, instead of mashing on it hard enough to spin? It doesn’t matter if you’ve got 500 HP or 5,000 HP; less pedal = no spinning, whether it’s a posi/locker/spool, or one-leg rear.

While automatic lockers are designed to disengage when cornering, I believe for some models that’s only true to a point - and re-engagement will occur at heavy throttle.

Is anyone out there familiar with this behavior?

Street rods are sagas of epochal proportion. On the last page he walks home broke.

He needs driving lessons . not a different rear end.

While all of you have questions and comments, you have still not helped answer a question I asked. I have since joined a forum where people really now what they r talking about. I can apply very little pedel but I still get spin ( because of the amount of hp and torque with the lack of traction). Therefore I was looking for guidence help for the right solution. I got angered when all I got were pety stupid remarks like yours!

Come on . . . do you really think you’re the only person in this forum that’s ever driven a car with big power? Get real. We’ve all had wild cars with big HP numbers. 500 HP isn’t even a big deal anymore in a street car. Unless you’re driving on an oil slick, tire spin is from TOO MUCH THROTTLE. Drive away from a stop like there’s a cop behind you, and I guarantee no tire spin.