Transmission Problem

I have 2002 Hyundai Accent 1.6L automatic. I have recently had a new transmission put into the car. Since then I have had a problem that no one can figure out.

After maybe 20mins of driving my car will get ?stuck? in 3rd gear. If I?m on the highway, the car won?t go into 4th. Or if I start from a light the car will start very slowly and I have to put the gear shifter into 2nd gear. If I stop and restart the car the problem goes away for another 20mins or so. Time varies for day to day.

I have 2 codes that show:

P1529 : Manf cntrl veh speed

P0734 : Gear 4 Ratio Incorrect

I just took the car back to the trans shop and they did a whole trans service, which didn?t seem to help much.

Thanks for any help!

“The trans shop . . .”

I have a bad feeling about this.

Who, pray tell, is “The trans shop?”

Was it a “new” transmission or a “rebuilt” transmission?

It’s a local all tune and lube. It is a rebuilt transmission. They did not do the rebuild, they got it from a company that rebuilds them.

So why would a trans shop perform a whole trans service on a new/reman/rebuilt unit?
Just offhand, this sounds like a case of erroneously referring to a used salvage yard unit as new, when that word should not be used at all.

Is this a used unit?

Since we have overlapping posts I see where this is a rebuilt unit. Rebuids from assembly line facilities can be iffy in quality.
It’s time for the shop who installed it to bite the bullet and install another one, assuming this was done recently and the trans is in a warranty period.

I have a 2000 Elantra with the same engine and drive train (I think) as your Accent. Periodically my car needs to have a cable from the transmission to the control module replaced. Rodents have chewed on it (once) and because the car is so low stuff in the road can damage the cable and crimp the wires. Until it’s replaced I get intermittent transmission issues like; won’t shift into overdrive all the time, shifts into overdrive and then drops out with a slam, rough shift into and out of gear intermittently. The first time I took it into a Brand Name shop they were puzzled, charged me a lot of money to “modify” the cable and then it worked for about a week. Then I took it to another shop and they told me immediately what they problem was. Parts and labor was about $275 to fix. Each time I have had the cable replaced it goes back to being a happy little car again.

P1529 = MIL-On Request Signal To ECM
PO734 = Clutch Slippage In 4th Gear More Than 200 RPM


It’s a local all tune and lube.

Sorry to hear that. Chain shops especially those that do lubes are not the place to bring a transmission problem. Neither are the national chain transmission shops. A local long established transmission shop is the preferred way.

BTW don’t go into a quick oil change place, even if it was just to get directions.