4Runner: Wont' roll forward

I have a 4Runner, 1997 Limited V6 3.4 Liter, Automatic, 2 Wheel Drive named Rocky.

First thing in the morning, (or after restarting 4 or more hours later), my car will back out of the garage or parking spot, but after that my car will not move forward with or without pressure applied to the gas pedal. (This tends to upset those waiting on me as I try to leave my parking spot at the mall!!!)

If you wait 5 or 10 seconds without applying pressure to the gas pedal the car will slowly start rolling forward.

If you apply pressure to the gas pedal as you wait for the car to move forward, the car will lunge forward WHEN, and ONLY WHEN, the car is ready to move forward.

After this problem, there will be no after issues.

(On a side note: A Ford F150 going about 20+ hit my car in the rear while I was sitting at a red light in Feb. The rear bumper was replaced, I had about $1200 in damages.)

Got transmission fluid?

If the automatic transmission fluid level is ok, change it and the filter.


Working on that today,