4Runner Jerks when coming to a stop

Recently purchased a 2005 4Runner Sport 4x4. I bought it before they had the chance to give it the once over but they agreed to do a safety inspection the next day. The car was in tip top shape so I was not concerned. As I was driving it home I noticed the car was jerking or rocking slightly as I was coming to a stop. I didn’t think much of it but when they inspected the car the next day they found the driver side CV boot was leaking and needed to be replaced, which they did for free. When i dropped it off, I asked if they could look at the cause of the jerking and they said it was likely due to the CV boot and it would go away after the repair. Well it did not go away. I’m wondering what is causing this jerking and if it’s worth a trip to the shop to have it fixed or worth going back to the dealer and making them fix it. Should I be concerned about safety? Any input would be appreciated.

My guess would be a warped rotor or a sticking caliper. Since it’s noticeable while braking, it’s more than likely brake related.

I’d go back to the dealer and complain. They said that the problem would go away and it has not.

But next time be sure they do the safety inspection and that the vehicle drives good on your test drive, before signing the papers.

When I was young I bought one in a rush like this. I liked the vehicle and they had already done the inspection and had marked that everything was good. Good thing my dad was my ride to the dealer. The salesman told me that the car was mine, but that they couldn’t let me leave the lot, because the tires were too bald. THey said that I’d need to fork out for new tires before I could take it off the lot.
I would have gone along with it and bought tires, but my dad told the salesman “So you had better get to work and find some tires that will make the car legal, because your safety inspection said the tires were good”.
They put new tires on it. My dad was not going to let them pull something like that.

I wish I would have told my dad, how smart he was more often when he was alive.


It really supports your case if you pick these things up before you buy a car. One car dealer salesman told me, they do noting where he works other then a safety inspection and clean them up to prepare used cars for sale. They let the customer tell them what they want done after they try it out. This imho, is pretty typical. I like others would still “ding the dealer”.

It’s it a clunk type noise?

It could be the drive-shaft. There are a couple of Zerks at each end of the drive shaft that need to be greased (once a year works). And if you don’t you may experience this clunking sound when stopping or accelerating.

Thanks for the advice everyone. I decided to call the dealership and insist they repair it. Luckily, they were very cooperative and agreed to take a look and do the work for free. We’ll have to see if they come through on the promise. Thanks again!

“they were very cooperative and agreed to take a look and do the work for free.”

On a 9 year old car?
That is commendable.
If they actually resolve the problem w/o cost for you, please post back with details about the actual repair that was involved, as well as the name of this dealership.