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440 hp mopar

hi i’m looking at a 1967 charger with a 440 hp. is there such a thing as a 440 high perfomence motor cuse i can’t find any information on it


mopar man

There was a regular 440 and a 440 Magnum. The Magnum came with 3 deuces and was rated at 390 hp where the regular 440 with a 4 bbl was rated at 375 hp. I think the only difference between the regular and the Magnum was the carburation, but with the 383, it was a different story. The 383 regular engine was an “LB” engine where the 383 Magnum was an “HB” block like the 440 and it had 440 heads. The 440 heads would not fit on the regular 383.

Chrysler made a 440 cubic inch engine for quite a few years, starting in 1966. In the '67 Charger, it made 375 HP (SAE gross). It was called the 440 Magnum.

Stamped on the front of the block on the driver side would be stamped 440hp on a tab made into the block. This stands for High Performance and meant it was the Magnum engine. I know because I used to have a 71 Dodge Charger R/T with the 440 Magnum (HP) with the three duece setup. Exwife totaled it after I had just finished restoring it! Wish I still had it now!

my mopar book shows that only the 375 horse 440 was available in the 67 charger. most 67s were equipped with the 318 or the regular 383.
the 383 magnum (1968 up) would actually outrun the 440.
i know, because i’ve owned a couple of 383 magnums and never got outrun by a 440.

the car may have had an engine swap. post some bloch, head, and manifold numbers and i’ll look at my book and see what you have.

440 comes in STD and HP configuration. 440 std is cast crank and is externally balanced, the HP engine is forged crank and is internally balanced.

The 440 was marketed under different names depending on car line Magnum for Dodge, Commander for Plymouth and TNT for Chrysler. Any 440 Dodge engine is called Magnum and was available on Chargers from 67 onwards.

The engine type stamping (not casting number) is on top of the engine behind the distributor, if the car has aircon, it can be a little awkward to get at. For 67 the engine block should be “D 440”, D=1967. If this is a HP engine ot will be stamped “D 440 HP”, there may be other stampings, these are for undersize bearings and other engine info.

You call yourself a mopar man and you don’t know the answer to that?

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Hey, Skypilot, is that one of the reasons for her being “exwife”? (Tongue in cheek, of course!).

More power to you Hemi 567, enjoy them while they last. These days I am getting scared that “real” engines will soon become a thing of past. Not to detract from the original intent of your post.
Here is to V8 thunder.

Should have been! But that was almost 25 years ago and was thinking with the wrong head. What was I thinking! Just recently got the divorce in January of this year. Could have saved years of headaches but would also had one less wonderfull son so I guess it was worth it! LOL