4 Tires on a Volvo V40- can one be different?

I have 2000 Volvo V40 station wagon.On the car, I have one different tire, 3 others are Michelin. At my most recent inspection, Firestone told me that I can have a different tire brand as the size and tracks of the “different tire” are the same as the Michelin one.I’m a bit paraniod…can anyone help?

I would put the “odd” tire on the rear. You want both steering tires to match. As long as your Volvo does not have AWD, and the tires are the same size, there’s no harm in having one tire that doesn’t match, but keep it on the rear axle.

If you drive in winter conditions(icy/snowy slippery roads) the odd tire may pronounce itself if the traction level is different with an imbalance if lack stability control. In normal driving you may never notice the difference.

You should be aware that cars tend to pivot around the odd tire during emergency manuevers and extreme braking.