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4 Runner

We own a very nice 2001 Toyota 4 Runner. After sinking about $1600.00 into regular maintenance, we found out a few months later after taking it in for an unusual swaying in the rear end that the frame was cracked and rusted. The 4 Runners is built on the exact same frame as the Sequoia, Tundra and Tacoma all of which were recalled (model years 1999-2004) for cracked and rusting frames. We would like to know why Toyota didn’t include the 4 Runner. So far the only answer we can get from them is that they don’t plan to recall it.
In light of all the neglect that has come to the surface in recent months by automobile companies, I think Toyota needs to be reminded that thousands of this dangerous vehicle are still out on the street. Our vehicle is so bad our mechanic wouldn’t let us drive it home. I can’t make enough noise to get their attention by myself. I need your help.
Best Regards,
Susan Pope

What was your body shop’s estimate to repair the frame?

There’s a Toyota dealer near me that still has a stock pile of the frames out back.