4 Cylinder 2002 Accord transmission problems

Is there a transmission problem with the 2002 Accord 4 cylinder transmission. Consumer reports says no. Reading the web it is hard to know if it is only the V-6 or all 2002 accords

I don’t know how common, but my SIL had her 2002 Accord 4-cyl automatic replaced about 3 years ago. Honda paid for half. I don’t know what they’d do today.

I do know that owners of 2001 4-cylinder Accords had their transmission warranty extended to 100k miles, due to a very high failure rate. While I believe that the problem continued after the 2001 model year, I cannot document my beliefs.

In any event, Honda does have a history of transmission problems on Accords, Odysseys, and Pilots of the early 2000 era.

Thanks. There is so much negative stuff on other sites. Will call Honda and see if they are still honoring the warranty. Heard there was a time limit in addition to the mileage limit.