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351 windsor, 1995 mercury cougar?

I have a 1995 mercury cougar xr-7 with a 281 v-8 engine. I recently bought a 351 windsor and i’ve been looking all over to see if it would fit into my car but i have not been able to find an answer to my question. Is it possible for this 1972 351windsor to fit in my 1995 mercury cougar?

With enough money it’ll fit - but how do you plan to make it run? That 4.6 l OHC 1995 engine has all sorts of electronic controls and sensors. No inspection will let that 1972 motor pass.

If you’re asking if it’s an easy swap, that’s easy: no.

I’ll bet the 281 trumps the 351 in all the categories (HP, efficiency, octane needs, etc.) except maybe peak torque.

Why dispose of 20+ years of development?