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350z Question

Hey guys so I have a question. I bought my 350z from a person who really didn’t drive it much it had about 16500 miles when I got it. I have put about 15000 miles in the last 3 years. I have done oil and oil filter changes and also the air filter. My question is given the age of this car should I be doing any other maintenance. I am hesitant to do anything more given the low mileage however I am worried about things that are 12 years old breaking down belts etc. Any insight you guys can provide is greatly appreciated thank you.

take it to a reputable mechanic and tell them you are doing a pre-purchase inspection. They’ll go over it and let you know what needs to be done. Some shops may even do this on the cheap, hoping to get your long term business.

Or, if you already have a mechanic you trust- take it there and ask them,

Assuming you have the manual that should have come with car there is a maintenance schedule in it.

Open up the owners manual and see what the factory recommends.Things like coolant are usually a “3 years or 60,000 miles” change interval (or 5/100k ect.). Same goes for timing belts (but I don’t think this car has one). Brake fluid, 3-5 years. The manual will spell it out.

I’d do all fluids, myself. Transmission, rear differential and power steering fluid. Given the car is 12 years old, if it needs a coolant change, it may be prudent to change the coolant hoses as well since rubber tends to age. Same for any vacuum lines. If the tires are original replace then NOW. 12 year old tires, if not dry rotted and cracked, certainly are had and dry and poor in the rain even if they have good tread.


Tires have been changed sorry didn’t mention that. I will look into the suggestions thank you guys.


Datsun or Nissan, right? (Sorry none around here, no dealers, etc.)


Since he said 12 years , I’m guessing it’s a 2005. I’d replace all fluids that need it (see schedule) with factory-spec fluids (it’ll cost a bit more, but it’s worth it to me). I’d also replace the plugs. I’m not big on hoses, they have become very reliable over the last 20 years.

its a 2004 sorry again for not including the details.

Being a bit of a maintenance geek, I’d change all the fluids in a vehicle that is 13 years old if they had not already been and I’d start a new log of the maintenance for those to get the maintenance back on track. There may be things to change based on time, not just miles and I would do them. Like the above suggestions, I would also invest in any hoses or belts a mechanic could find to be questionable. Surviving 350Zs are relatively rare and I would want to keep a low mileage one in top shape. I checked out CarTalk’s partner site,, and there are no problems of note for that whole run of Nissan sports cars. You have a gem, and I’m very jealous.