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Service Needed?

I have a 2002 Z71 1/2 Ton Ext. Cab Chevy. It only has 28,000 miles on it. My dealer says because of its age, all the fluids and filters should be replaced. Plus the 4x4 should be serviced. Does this need to be done? Or is this just a money maker for the dealer?



What does it say in your owner’s manual? I’d guess that the only the oil and oil filter need o be changed; possibly the air filter and cabin air filter if you have one. The transmission fluid should not be due for a long, long time, nor should the coolant.

I go for brake fluid flush,no need for power steering,inspect the air filter proceed as required,get current on oil change,I would go for your first trans fluid drop and fill,with filter,no flush,yes on the fuel,no diff or transfer case,not sure on cabin filter(is it equipped?)and I woul go for coolant drop and fill,no flush,it is over 4 years on coolant.JMHO

I do change oil and filter every 3000 miles. Still from the old school.

Thanks for the heads up.

The owner’s manual should list the required maintenance. It should list both miles and time for most of it. It is whichever comes first. In your case as the dealer told you, age is likely to have come first.

Certainly coolant, oil & filter and brake fluid. I would also suggest transmission fluid if you have an automatic. Air cleaner and likely power steering fluid would normally not be required. Again Read The Book.

It sounds like you may have a good dealer. However consider that the dealer is likely charging you more per hour than a good independent would charge.

JMHO, but at that age the brake fluid (deteriorates due to moisture, etc.), coolant (breaks down with age) and transmission fluid should be changed. The latter should be done about every 30k miles and it’s due.

I would skip any gear oil change (differential, etc.) and the engine oil/filter change every 3k miles is very applicable in your case since the truck apparently sees very light use.
In some very extreme cases even 2k mile oil changes should be considered.

Just a money maker for the dealer. With the exception of the engine oil and oil filter. Have you ever seen someone’s car (or truck) break down or prematurely wear out because they didn’t change their fluids at 28k miles? I think not. As you approach 50K miles, you can consider changing your antifreeze. Otherwise, change all the fluids if it makes you happy. But with the newer vehicles, and the sealed systems, most of the fluids last a lot longer than in the old days.