$35 worth of gas, only?

A recent caller complained that no matter how low her gas gauge was, she could only put in $35 worth of gas. Tom and Ray had a number of suggestions, but I recently came across another possibility.

While $35 seems low, it may be that her credit card has a limit on how much gas can be charged on it at one time. I have recently heard several people saying they ran into a limit, now that gas prices are so high, and had to call to have it raised.

Just a wild thought.

Again with this subject?

It makes no sense that the credit card has a limit associated with a type of purchase. The credit card companies don’t care what you buy with the card, only that your credit limit is not exceeded. What makes more sense is that the gas pumps themselves have a $35 limit to stop people from stealing a high $$ value of their product. When the price gets high, the incidence of theft also increases, whether it is from the gas pump or from your tank.

I have not seen a credit card that limits the amount of gas that can be purchased at one time, but the station I usually go to does have a limit on how much they will allow on one purchase.  It is now $75.00, which still catches some trucks, but it was lower at one time.