$35.00 even every time


The woman who called in two weeks ago had a problem with her gas tank apparently always getting full at $35.00. Click and Clack told her something about fuel vents. The odds of the vent always causing the problem are ridiculous. It’s more likely that the pump itself shuts off after $35 as an anti-theft feature. If someone fills up and drives off without paying the station owner has cut his losses. I’ve had problems filling my boat because of this, although my pumps have always cut off at $50.


The station I use cuts off at $75.00 I only have a 14.2 gallon tank so without some more hefty increases it does not get me, but it does get some of the trucks.


Yup. Most of the gas station around here use a $50 cutoff, so I almost always have to use 2 transactions to fill up my truck’s 25 gallon bloodsucking tank.


I’ve hit both a $50 and a $75 limit on my credit or debit cards. Varies by station but makes filling up the pickup a pain at times. I just don’t let it get down low. I suspect that is what is going on.

There is an easy way to check. Don’t let the gas get down low and top it off so it only takes a few gallons. When it shuts off after $10 or so, there’s your answer.

Or you could do what I do and that is to shut the pump off, and start over again to top it off.


My step dad doesn’t follow that idea. He’s one of those that waits until the last minute to fill it up, he spent something like 98 to fill his silverado up a few weeks ago.
What’s even weirder/more messed up is that he’s going to be having to drive farther away for his job(from Marion to Delaware, Ohio). He wants another vehicle to drive down(so he doesn’t put so many miles on his current one -- ), but he doesn’t want a car, or even a smaller truck, he wants another full sized pickup to drive… Yeah, I’ve given up trying to figure that one out too. (~’’)~


except that she said it happened at every gas station that she goes to. I think that this is mroe likely the reason.


Her credit card is cutting it off.