Gas purchase credit card mix-up

Purchased gasoline last week, pump is the type accepts credit card. Used this station many times, very few problems. But credit card at pump method not working that day. Kiosk staff said pump being serviced, in special mode, & told me to use the Kiosk credit carder reader. $10 receipt. But pump wouldn’t pump any gas. Staff told me to reinsert credit card into Kiosk reader, another $10 receipt. Asked for $10 credit receipt so I don’t get double billed. They refused, gave me a $0 receipt instead. Shouldn’t I receive a receipt for $10 credit to my account? Or is it normal for a vendor to issue a $0 receipt when the first one has to be cancelled b/c pump didn’t work?

When that sort of thing happens at a grocery store, I get a receipt from them showing a $10 credit to my credit card account. Oh the woes of modernity … lol …

IF you only received $10 of gas then you should have gotten $10 credited back to your card. If you did not receive any gas, then you should have been credited $20

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I did get $10 worth of gas, so no complaints about 2nd receipt. But the first $10 which didn’t work, seems like I should have got a receipt for $10 credit. I doubt this is purposeful deceit, just the receipt method station uses when first attempt doesn’t work is non-standard, & confusing to the customer. But wondering if maybe this is common gas station method?

Just check your credit card activity online . It may take a day or two for fuel purchases to show . If double billed just contest through the card web site . No big deal .


If the first transaction was cancelled, $0 was billed. A $10 credit would not be needed. Same as if you gave the attendant $10 cash but took so long that the transaction “timed out”. It happened to me I went to the rest room after putting $ on the pump but before actually pumping the gas. And then applied that $10 to a new transaction.

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Good to know, thanks. I’ll check both receipt for first transaction. If same tracking number, means first transaction changed from $10 to $0, so should be good to go.

Go online with your CC company and check the recent transactions, if there is a double billing it’s best to start the dispute as soon as possible, instead of waiting until the billing statement has been closed out.


I had a problem w/a restaurant years ago who’d double billed me on several different visits. In that case I believe it was on purpose. B/c the date of the second billing didn’t match the first, a day or two later, but amount was exactly the same. I knew I hadn’t gone to the restaurant the second date. Once I figured out what was occurring I visited the restaurant in person, and they gave me a cash refund, didn’t want to involve credit card company in their shenanigans I presume.

Agree with checking your credit card statement for a double billing.

Either way… personally I would avoid going to that station again.

I had an error at a restaurant in Hannibal,mo once. Just passing through. Seems to me the slip was kind of sloppy and got charged $60 instead of $30. I just wrote it off but a couple days later my debit card was corrected.

I usually don’t get receipts for gas unless traveling in case there is any question that I wasn’t a no pay. I had one pump that took my card but gave no gas and went somewhere else. No problem though. Electronics seem to work pretty good.

I had a problem with a convenience gas station. $14.07 was billed as $1407.00. Luckily I noticed it the next day, and the manager fixed it. I did not get a receipt. Luckily I had enough on the debit card to prevent overdraft and further complications. I usually check charges twice a month when I pay bills.

A few years ago I picked up a load of steel for maybe $100. The counter guy said oops, I just charged that last guy $20,000 on his credit card and it went through. It took a minute but he thought he got it corrected. These are the kind of people though if you forgot your bill fold and came back the next day it would still be there with probably an extra $20 thrown in.

My cash card was declined at gas pump. I got an email soon after that said $126.00 had been declined. 2 weeks later I went thru the same thing. Another email for 126.00. I spoke to gas co customer service and they said $126.00 is default amount for max charge. I have used my card at this station for 10 years.

I don’t know if it makes any difference but they told me when it asks if it is a debit or credit card say no. I think it just eliminates putting the pin in though which I always do out of town. I’ve heard though that some will initially reserve the max and then credit back what wasn’t used, but takes a couple days. Never noticed it myself though.

I never use our Bank Debit card for any purchases . The credit card protection can’t be beat and if there is a pending default amount you don’t have to worry about overdraft fees. Most of the self service stations have a sigh on the pump that there might be a pending amount more than your actual purchase , usually about 100.00 .

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