33k Civic 2001 "PO335 Crankshaft Position Sensor A circuit" error code

My Civic 2001 LX (non vtec 1.7) threw an error code today. It was, “PO335 Crankshaft Position Sensor A circuit” error code. It was raining a lot today, and this is the first day that it did it. I have never had this problem before. When the error code came on the engine automatically lost power. I couldn’t get the car over 3000 rpm. Then it stalled in an intersection. Now it won’t start period. It only has 33k on the clock.

The timing belt was done about two months previous, but i haven’t had one problem until today, when it was raining.

So much for a reliable honda.

I wouldn’t get too down on the car. The mileage is low but the car and and engine controls are 10 years old. Age, scale/corrosion, and exposure to the elements (rain in this case) can have an effect on things.

It could be nothing more than moisture or a scaled wire connector on the crank sensor and unplugging it and plugging it back in may cure the problem.

Would it matter that the timing belt was changed two months previous? However, today when it rained is the first, the very first time i have experienced this problem.

By the way thank you for your reply.

In theory the timing belt should not have an affect this. In practice it’s possible that it could if someone inadvertently started bumping into the crank sensor, the sensor wiring or connectors, etc while doing the timing belt job.

I’ve never done a timing belt on a Civic. However, timing belt work is always in the vicinity of the crank sensor. So as ok4450 notes its quite possible for it to be disturbed. The other thing that was probably disturbed is the splash shield down under the car. It does what it sounds like - keeps stuff from splashing up where it doesn’t belong. The crank sensor will be down low somewhere & if the splash shields aren’t fully intact the sensor will see more water than it should.

My initial guess would be that this issue is probably not too complicated. In fact, I would go back to where the timing belt was done. Just politely tell them what happened and ask whether they could have someone just take a quick look to see that the wiring/harness wasn’t damaged and that the splash shields are in order. If its a good and reputable place someone will have a look without much ado (as long as you don’t go in making any assumptions or accusations - this is just a polite request for a courtesy check).