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$3240 for a new catalytic converter?

I have 07 Accord,115k miles 2.4L EX sedan. Had a check engine light which was diagnosed at dealer as catalitic converter was not meeting minimum performance requirements and would have to be replaced. Cost $3240. Seriously?!

That sounds right for dealer price of course you location is unknown . Now pick up your phone and start calling independent muffler shops and also get a second opinion about the diagnosis.


Post the code here and it may not be as serious as you think.

Unless you live in California, you can do this yourself for less than $250 with parts from RockAuto. The catalytic converter on your model bolts on–it is not welded in place. You may have to cut the bolts and buy new ones, if you live in a region where rust is a problem.

Why are you taking your out-of-warranty Honda to the dealer for service?

Take it to an independent shop and have the cat replaced for a hell of a lot less.