Honda 2002 Honda Accord Catalytic Converter

The Honda dealership read the check engine light code on my Honda 2002 Accord, that said the catalytic convertor is not operating within the efficiency range(plus the converter has a rattle in it…it is not the heat shield as it was taken off years ago). They said it was too expensive to have fixed at the dealership and to find an independent repair shop to replace the converter.

They warned me to not get the cheap universal converter as the check engine light for the converter would come back on and stay on. They said get a more expensive one but would not give any specific brand or price range and said it SHOULD keep the check engine light from coming about the converter.

I have an independent shop and they agreed about never using an universal converter. However when I press them about the $270 converter they would put on would keep the check engine light for the converter from coming on, they hesitated in assuring me it would not come on.

Has anyone had their Honda Accord converter replaced with an after market converter, what did it cost, and did it keep the check engine light for the converter from coming on? Any other information you might share would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Thank you,

If it has an internal rattle, than it is going bad. A lazy O2 can give you a check engine light for the same thing. It can be read in real time and see if it is operating correctly. I would not tell you that a cat will fix your problem without looking at the O2’s.

There are other problems that can trigger the cat efficiency code (P0420).
Think about it. The cat is not working efficiently. It could be a case of garbage in - garbage out.
The cat won’t work right unless what’s going into it is also right.
Besides a faulty O2 sensor an exhaust leak could throw things out of whack.