30 January 2010 uncredited encore?



Is it just me, or are we getting unannounced “encore” presentations? I’m thinking of the show from 30 January 2010 that seems like it’s from the mid-to-late 1990s.

I remembered some of these. And the very old cars – for 2010 – with low mileage was the first clue, and the lady who bought a 1989 Land Rover for $16,500 kinda confirmed it.

Reruns happen, sure, but why no “Encore Presentation” bit at the top of the show? Then I’d know to not bother downloading the podcast to pick up on things I may have missed during the show.

This isn’t the first instance I’ve noticed this or remembered a show or a puzzler, just the first time I’ve commented. This seems to be happening a lot.


I have noticed the same thing for at least the last couple of months. The newest cat any caller has is 2001. There have been a lot of 1980’s cars. I doubt that many are still outside of junk yards. What gives? Are the guys too lazy to work?


I’m listening to the March 13th 2010 show and getting the same impression. No cars at all past 2000. As I remember I haven’t heard any 2000 or later models mentioned for quite a while, maybe a couple of months. What goes here???


On the site here the description says “encore” toward the end. They don’t seem to announce it on the air or on the podcast. They don’t put it in the podcast description either, so when I see it on Listen you don’t know.

I guess the next time I make a donation to my local radio station I’ll make sure I don’t do it when CarTalk is on.