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1994 Silverado

I bought a Chevy Silverado new in 1994. It now has 238,000+ miles. It is in fantastic condition getting 18+ m.p.g. on the original 350 auto. As the truck nears twenty years, I wonder about its value. I live in Wichita, Kansas and have never seen one like it. It is a Rengency Conversion (now out of business), 1/2 ton, shortbed, stepside, extended cab, lowered with drop-spindles, roll pan, toneau cover and rides on 275x60x15 Center Lines. Leather interior buckets and lots of wood on the dash and console. I have tried to find out how many of thes trucks were made in '94. I’ve asked my dealer and he just laughs, wanting to sell me a new truck rather than tell me what the manufactured number is. With my description, does anyone know how many trucks like mine were made in '94 and if so, is it a bit more valuable in trade??? Thanks for any help with this.

It probably is worth more than a regular Silverado to the right buyer. If someone really wants one, they will pay top dollar for it. As for trade-in value, to a used car dealer, a Silverado is a Silverado, and a '94 with 238k miles on it is just about worthless and would go straight to the wholesale auction. I can’t find any production numbers for you, but I haven’t seen very many of them. Your best bet at seeing the value increase is to keep the truck and stop driving it. I’m not sure how collectible they are, but even the Silverado SS from the early '90s don’t seem to fetch much more than a regular Silverado from what I’ve seen.

When you say trade, do you mean trade with a dealer or a private party? Given the mileage, I don’t think a dealer would want it, even though you have taken such good care of it. Take it to several used truck dealers that might be interested in this type of truck, and see what they offer for it. Edmunds says it’s worth $220 in trade and $780 as a private sale. Average the offers you get from a sale to the dealers and add $560 for a private sale.

If you want to sell this I would check out a public car auction. Go there and check it be for you take your truck there. Your truck will sell at good price at this type of auction. There is a market there for your truck. The people that go to these auctions seem to pay more for that type of truck.

So…is there no way to find out how many Silverado’s that match mine were built?? I’m not looking to trade or sell…just want to know how high or low the numbers are.

You could always list it on eBay with a reserve significantly higher than what you’d expect … :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s any way to tell how many trucks were converted into your configuration. There are numerous outfits across the country that did this kind of work, many of them now out of business, and most conversions were done as a special order. Some dealers may have ordered a few to have on hand and sell already completed, but most were bought in factory condition and then sent out for conversion.

As for price, it all depends on the buyer. Someone who wants a customized truck like yours would likely pay a pretty penny for a well kept example. The next guy might think it worth far less than a stock version because of the drop spindles, tonneau, etc.