2k and a long bed full of hope

Ok this is admittedly a tough one.

Is it possible for me to get a decent truck or van that will get me and my crap from NYC to CA. I would like to think that I could get there, but I also need to pass the smog upon entering the state. I’d like very much to start a sort of landscaping biz when I get there. I’ve been considering diesels for two reasons 1. to do a WVO conversion and 2. Apparently diesels are exempt from CA stricter standards…

I’ve got 2 thousand to spend. But being the cheapo I am I would be happy to pay less. This is coming from a lady that asked for a discount that was marked down to $1.67 - because it had a slight tear. I do have THAT much nerve.


Have I lost my mind?

ooops that $1.67 was for a blouse not a car…

A $2K truck will probably not last the 3,000 miles with a ton of ‘crap’ in it without a few breakdowns. A cross-country trip is hard for any vehicle. A $2K vehicle most likely has a few problems and neglected maintenance items, which is why it is so cheap. Rent a truck from a nationwide company, and buy something once you get there. You don’t want to get stuck in nowhere Nebraska with a blown engine and only expensive options.

It’ll cost $2,000 just to rent something. Better off buying a vehicle than renting. I just had to move someone cross-country and went through all of this. Find a $3,000 American Truck or SUV and make an offer of $2300 cash and cross your fingers.

It is what it is. Lots of older cars will pass smog tests. You won’t find a diesel truck for that price that runs. Ca smog standards aren’t tougher if the smog related parts are working.