Rotated crankshaft without camshaft plz help!

Hello everyone, new on the forums seeking help!

2006 Mazdaspeed 6. I removed the crankshaft bolt and removed the pulley. Removed the valve cover and wasn’t able to use the timing lock because I needed to rotate my camshaft 180degrees. I spun my crankshaft CW to rotate my camshaft but realized they’ve been disconnected from each other. I did about 3-4 spins on the crankshaft til I realized nothing was happening. How much have I messed up? This is an interference engine design…=(
I’m thinking my timing is off and I may have shoved my pistons onto the valves. How much of this is true? Thank you in advance for any help

Well the valve timing is certainly incorrect if the cam wasn’t turning with the crank. Do you have a broken timing belt? If you just cranked the engine by hand perhaps you didn’t damage the valves, hopefully. You are going to have to align the crank and cam to the proper positions and install the timing belt.

Are you saying you rotated the crankshaft with the timing chain disconnected/removed?


Yeah, i did 3-4 complete CW spin on the crankshaft while the chain nor camshaft moved.

The timing chain was loose, a common issue for these cars. I wanted to change the timing chain. I spun the crankshaft until I felt resistance. It was done by hand and I am guessing the pistons are up against the valve at this point. I do believe there isnt any damage…but not 100% sure.

I don’t think there was any damage done.

You wouldn’t have been able to turn the crankshaft if a piston came in contact with a valve.

Just align the marks for crank/cam(s), and put everything back together.


Oh great! Thank you very much. I just wanted to make sure I can comfortable correct timing and continue with project. Thank you

Keep in mind that for every two times the crankshaft pulley is at TDC, only one of them is when the camshaft pulley is also at TDC. You have to get the crankshaft pulley to TDC when cylinder 1 is on the compression stroke (both valves closed) and then get the valve train in synch.

Did you have you car running fine after?