206 civic si clutch problem

i had my clutch changed (stage 2), when i push the clutch to the floor the clutch is engaged some. i bled the clutch 3 different times (different days) i have no air in the line and good pressure. once in awhile everthing will work good, but thats not to offend. help!

Sounds like a bad master cylinder.
I would replace master and slave.

I suspect that either it is a mismatch of parts, something caught between the clutch plate and either the flywheel or pressure plate or the clutch plate was installed facing the wrong direction.

thanks guys

I’d side with @circuitsmith on this one, it could be something mechanical in the clutch, but on a 2006, most likely the clutch master cylinder simply needs replacement.

“once in awhile everthing will work good”

IMO that rules out incorrect or mis-installed parts.