78 Nova

Novas! best cars or what? well almost. the spring leaf pad design is horrible. any suggestions on how to keep the rearend from sliding on the leaf springs?

Doesn’t that car have GM’s Monoplate rear springs, rather than true leaf springs? And if so, isn’t the basic design of those springs the problem, rather than the mounts?

In any event, if you can figure this one out, then you are better than GM’s engineers. Every Nova of that era that I saw was crab-walking after just a few years. After the owners got fed up with the very poor tire wear and the unsafe tracking, most of them dumped the cars. There may well be an easy fix, but it wasn’t apparent to GM’s engineering staff.

LOL. good answer, but it doesn’t have the monoleaf srings. i think they changed that a few years prior. im thinking of just changing the rearend completely but im not sure what i can make fit with out too much difficulty.

That model was one of the most hopped-up designs ever. I’d be surprized if there were not trac bars and/or trailing arms readily available on the aftermarket.

I don’t know what kind of suspension it had, but my brother had one and I hated driving it especially on snow or ice.