2023 Mazda Mazda2 - creakwhen turning wheel while parked

Loud creaking noise when turning wheel to right from parking position. no effect while driving.

this vehicle is brand new. bring it to the dealer. it will be fixed for free under warranty.


Some clarification might be in order. I’m not sure what’s going on but I don’t think the 2023 Mazda 2 is available yet. The 2 has been available as the Toyota Yaris in the US because Mazda didn’t sell that model in the States. Depending on what vehicle this actually is, it may or may not be under warranty.

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OP, are you able to tell where the sound is coming from? It would be unusual for a new car’s steerng or suspension system to have that problem, unless it was coming from the steering wheel area, in which case there may be a little mechanical interference w/the plastic parts between the part of the steering column that moves as you turn the steering wheel and the part that doesn’t.