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Mazda 2 2011 suddenly started making harsh noise. Disconnected screw was found

Hi all!
So I went on a short errand ride and after 30 seconds I start hearing this nasty scratching/cranking sound that got worse the more I touched the gas pedal.
I kept driving gently to my destination as not to upset the vehicle (yet it still made bad sounds).

A few minutes later I opened the hood and saw some giant screw disconnected.
It seems to me that this led the drive belt to sit on the frame of the car.
I tried moving the parts back in place for several minutes but nothing really budges.

Is this a serious problem I should tow to the garage
or can I attempt to fix something here?


More photos:

I would tow it to your nearest independant mechanic.

You engine is about to fall out. Don’t drive it or more $$$$$ damage can occur.

Next time you hear something like this STOP driving the car immediately. Nothing good can come from continuing to drive with such a noise.


Dang! Thanks for the message.
Do you know if this is typically an expensive fix?

If you’d have stopped when it first happened, no. But you had to continue to drive it so all bets are off.

Certainly don’t want to hurt the cars feelings.

The bolt is long. Perhaps 3”? I can’t explain why mount moved sideways and bolt still remains
Bolt should be loose. Can you pull it out?

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