2023 Honda Accord Hybrid - Bluetooth snafu

Phone calls connect but can’t hear anyone, they hear clicks. Just like everyone else with this car. Just frustrated more than anything. Trying to make a call, the call connects because you can see the timer ticking off seconds you are connected but I can’t hear anything, and the person I called only hears ticking sounds. I have to switch it to my phones speaker for it to work

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I suggest you read your owner’s manual.
I am not familiar with your car, but on my new challenger you have to turn the volume up to the level you want while someone is talking on the phone. I would have to do that separately for the navigation system voice too.
think of it as 3 separate volumes, 1 for the radio, 1 for the phone and 1 for the navigation.
maybe yours works the same. your owner’s manual will tell you.


If the owner’s manual isn’t clear how to increase the volume, a dealership visit will probably do the trick.


Another vote for your owner’s manual will tell you…


One suggestion (after you check out the manual). Try unpairing all the phones. Then, re-pair your phone and see if that does the trick. You will need to go to settings, Bluetooth (or “Phone”). A call to the dealer may also be wise. Many have a techy on hand to help with stuff like this that can call you back.

Did your salesman pair the phone for you? Ours did when we bought out 2019. We use a USB cable instead of Bluetooth and it works fine. If you haven’t tried the cable it might work for you.

Have you tested another phone, especially if you can manage to find someone with the same phone as you?

Make sure everything is up-to-date both on the phone and the vehicle.

Is there anyone in the house who wouldn’t mind connecting pairing their phone just to see if it works? That way you can at least tell if it’s a problem with the phone or the car.

I have found the brand of phone makes a huge difference. In my Mazdas I used Motorola and OnePlus phones and they were balky and poorly behaved. Once I got a Samsung S22 last year everything worked perfectly with my cars.

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Same exact problem. I updated my phone and it worked. Now it’s doing it again 3 months later and update didn’t help. I’ve literally done everything everyone has said including talking to Samsung and Honda. No luck

UPDATE-Solved: Finally figured it out. Had to reset the car’s infotainment system. Hold your finger on the Home button until it restarts. It connected to my phone immediately and now works perfectly. Treated it like a computer and did a hard reboot.


IMO, every type of electronic device can benefit from a hard reboot if it isn’t functioning properly. As but one example, the Samsung TV in my bedroom works well… most of the time.

A few times a year, it will fail to respond to the remote control, at which time I unplug the TV for a couple of minutes. After plugging it back into the outlet, and after it goes through its restart routine, it works properly again.