2023 Chevy Traverse review

This is somewhat of a follow-up to my post a few weeks ago asking for opinions if i should rent an SUV or a minivan when my family came to visit. The conclusion, by a strong majority, was minivan. Due to unforseen circumstances, I couldn’t get the minivan and wound up with a 2023 Chevy Traverse LT instead. We went on a mostly expressway trip of 40 miles each way today, and here’s my take on this vehicle. Overall, id give it a D-. The ride was just slightly better than punishing. We were on I95, which is a fairly smoith highway, my daughter was driving, and I was trying to compose an email on my phone. It was fruitless. The ride was so “jiggly” I couldn’t type. The controls and finishes in the interior looked and felt cheap. The power was lacking. My daughter moved into the center lane to pass someone going 45 in the right lane. She floored the accelerator, transmission responded well, shifted down a gear or two, engine made a lot of noise, but the speed increased very slowly. I was very disappointed with this vehicle.


Something was wrong with the Traverse. It uses a 3.6L engine with 310 hp and 266 lb-ft torque. That’s plenty to move several people and their luggage. Reviewers say the SUV has more than adequate power. They generally agree with your opinion about the interior. Two of the four reviews I read said then ride was comfortable. Did you tell the rental car company that the Traverse was unsatisfactory? Your experience is so different from the reviewers opinions that it makes we wonder if it had been in an accident and poorly repaired.

I return it to Hertz tomorrow. Ill let them know then.

Amenities are poor. How was hauling capabilities?

4 adults, plus a toddler and baby in car seats fit ok, access to the third seat is very difficult. Almost no room for luggage with the third seat up.

By reports here via the forum search, the Traverse is subject to pretty wide variety of concerns & complaints. Unsure however if it is more than would be expected statistically, by the numbers of these vehicles on the road.

Yup, it’s an SUV.

If it’s not too late, check the tire pressure. I wouldn’t be surprised if the tires were greatly overinflated for the current weather.

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I really dont care. It goes away in a half hour, and I’d never buy or lease one. If i did have frequent need of a large SUV, I’d lease an Escalade.

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