2012 Chevrolet Traverse - Should I buy?

Looking to purchase from the dealership LTZ 94,000 miles. Clean car fax reports. Thoughts? Experience

8 year old vehicle. It has to be evaluated on it’s own because they all do not have the same problems or service care . If they will let you take it to an independent shop for an inspection that will improve your chance of buying a decent vehicle . But that does not mean it will not have problems at some point.

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Hi Good Morning!

Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m buying it from the dealership Suburu, who has the Volvo dealership looking it over and running a diagnostic should that be good enough. Or I should I still bring it some place else to be checked? And you are right because it’s an older car with a lot of mileage I definitely can not expect it to last forever, with any vehicle parts will wear and tear and it cost money to fix.

This is like asking the fox to guard your hen-house. Pay your OWN mechanic to give you an un-biased view of the car.

I’d also suggest that maybe you consider walking away from this deal. Think about this. If the previous owner was happy with the car, why did they buy a Subaru and not another Traverse or other GM product?

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That traverse may not have been traded in for a Subaru. It could have been part of an auction group . Or the person just wanted a Subaru this time for it’s size or All wheel drive feature .

We have bought more new vehicles than any sane person should and have never bought the same vehicle twice.

But I really don’t understand going to a forum and asking if you should buy a used vehicle .


I didn’t ask about buying a used vehicle. As of right now our second car went and we need a used vehicle that’s bigger so it’s not an option. Will be purchasing a house soon and didn’t want a second car note. My main question was anyone experiences with this particular type of vehicle I’ve been getting mixed reviews some people absolutely love it and others hate it. Everyone that claims to hate it never really mentioned any major issues only except issues like a timing chain going which is expected or other wear and tear which can get pricey. My 2003 Honda Civic I replaced a timing belt at 100k nothing was wrong but it was just the recommended mileage and I had that car for 14 yrs only reason we got rid of it was because it’s to small for our growing family, starter just went and needs other wear and tear things repaired didn’t make sense to spend money on it. Again, I just wanted anyone’s experience with the 2012 Chevrolet Traverse.

I’ve had both the Traverse and Buick Enclave as rental cars, and I liked them both. They are the largest unibody SUVs available in that price range, approaching minivans in cargo space. I also found that they handle well for a big vehicle, are comfortable, and quiet.

You should have a mechanic you trust do a prepurchase inspection, not the dealership. This inspection should always be by a neutral party. Both Motorweek and Consumer Reports recommend this, even for Certified Pre Owned (CPO) vehicles. CPO vehicles are 1 to 3 years old, low mileage, and are supposed to receive a dealership inspection of about 100 to 200 items to receive the manufacture CPO designation. Your personal inspection will verify their inspection.

Consumer Reports rates the 2012 as better than average in overall reliability. The 2013 and 2015 much worse than average. 14 15 and 16 average. The 18 and 19 are a newer design and rate much worse than average.

This is not expected. Timing chains are not wear items, in most vehicles they last the life of the vehicle. Go here to see more info, lots of ‘engine problems’ mentioned for that age Traverse:

You might get the Consumer Reports car buyers guide for more info on used car reliability, online or in paper.

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Thank you JT!

Thank you Texases!

The reason I’m asking all these questions in all honesty is because my husband and I have different opinions. We actually purchased a 2010 Chervolet Travese from the dealer, signed and literally as we went to pull off the lot the check engine light came on. After a day they said multiple codes came on one code was the camshaft so they said they fix the issues but it was still driving weird they said the timing chain was going. So they offered us a 2012 Chervolet Traverse 94k Miles (navigation, dvd, sunroo etc )but I’m not feeling the whole thing there selling that car 11k we paid 7200k and they weren’t going to charge us anything more giving it to us same price. That made me more skeptical who gives something worth value away. My husband really likes the suv and wants it but I don’t! I just spoke to my mechanic and he said in all honesty he would tell us get the money back While we can, he says not saying it’s a bad car but when things go it can get very expensive talking thousands unless we get extended TOP OF THE LINE warranty thats not in the budget right now. So I’m thankful for your help I’m definitely going to talk my husband out of this and get my money back. It was a blessing the check light came on.

Good luck and please keep us informed!

Hi Shanonia!

Thanks so much! I just spoke with my husband we decided we will just get a refund. After speaking with the mechanic and the salesman who sold us the car they both agreed a Kia Sorento or Hyuandi are mire affordable reliable vehicles. If we absolutely have to do a used car with a lot of miles they said stick with Honda or Toyota. Thank you again everyone for all your help! God Bless!

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this is Lambda based. I had Buick Enclave 2011 and it’s a great car. LTZ is awesome package. If they give you a great deal and you like the looks take it. The car is very smooth on long road trips and very roomy.