2022 Cadillac CTS noise when accelerating

car has noise when accelatate. is this transmission or differantial?

Yes it is one or the other ( as if I could tell from over the web ) and how did you get a 2022 Cadillac CTS ?


… or the engine, or wheel bearings, or…?

Via cyberspace nobody could possibly diagnose the problem with any hope of being correct.

If you post a recording of the noise, we might be able to hazard a guess, but only a competent mechanic who can see and hear the car–in person–could tell you for sure.


Well, it can’t be a 2022 or even a 2020 for that matter since the CTS was last produced for MY 2019. Is this a 2012 CTS? What model year, how many miles on it, and what engine and transmission?