2022 Audi A6 - Tire wear

rear tires at 6000 miles fathering across the face of the rear tires and need changing

are you venting or have a question? this is a new vehicle. go back to the dealer.


Curious what the dealer says. Wasn’t this notice at your first oil change? Sometimes new cars require alignment. How is it possible to have feathering all the way across the tread? Usually noted on outside edge. BTW, are your tires inflated to the correct PSI as specified?

If you’re describing actual feathering, excessive wear on the inner edges of the tires, that’s usually an alignment issue. If you’re describing excessive wear along both edges or excessive wear in the center of the tread, that’s from incorrect pressure. And if yours is one of the uber-fancy models with four wheel steering, that might be a factor too. Regardless, a visit to the dealer is in order.

At 6000 miles, the wheels should be rotated to the front where this feathering will go away with time.

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