Acura MDX off road capability?

Can an Acura MDX ('07 - '09) handle well some moderate off-roading such as soft beach sand and the tire ruts typically found on a beach, along with other typcail off road conditions? It’s a great touring vehicle we know, but can it handle the “SU” in SUV?

Thanks all…


Easily. My Subaru can handle this fine and not close an SUV.

I wouldn’t go rock crawling with an MDX, but sand and dirt roads shouldn’t be a problem.

A few things I’ve learned from my 2000 Blazer.

Air down the tires before driving in the sand, google “sand driving”, “off roading”, etc for more info.

I have 235/70R15 Firestone Destination LEs on the Blazer, not an off road tire, but has a more aggressive tread than a road tire and a decent size sidewall to absorb shock for mild off roading.

One concern I would have with an MDX is the size of the wheel, i.e. 16", 17", 18". The larger the wheel, the less sidewall on the tire. A street or touring tire’s sidewall may be more susceptible to damage off roading.

Don’t forget to check your owner’s manual for advice on off roading

Good luck,

Ed B.

P.S. When in doubt about an off road situation, pull over and check it out before proceeding, I had to learn the hard way.

It’s a unibody SUV, more of a glorfied minivan than anything else. But it’s capable enough to hand the beach and ruts. I would want to try to tackle the Rubicon Trail in one though.

Thanks EB – yes, no hard off roading planned, mostly beaching it with the surfboards and dirt roads at the most – no rock crawling planned. My buddy has an FJ for any of that rock crawling stuff we plan to do in the ManZone! Thanks again EB.

Two things…

First…it’s a Unibody construction. Not the greatest for off-roading…especially if the trucks starts to twist.

Second…Pretty sure it’s a AWD system…NOT a true 4WD system. You really want a 4wd system for true off-roading.

If all you’re doing is Beach or some trails it should be fine…Anything more then that forget about it.

I usually wait for my cars to get a little older before they get this treatment, Just can’t see spending money like this.