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Rental SUV Vs. Acura MDX 2010 (36000 Miles)

Hi, I am planning a longest road trip, I ever drove. So need some suggestions. From Dallas - Washington DC. I have Acura MDX (2010). Should I take my own car or rent? I was more keen towards taking my own, but few my friends suggested to take rental. So asking to experienced drivers and why should I go for that? Suggestions?

I would take the Acura. Why go to all the expense of a rental when you have a very nice vehicle to travel in. Dallas to Washington DC is not that long of a trip. Just make sure the Acura is properly serviced and the tires are properly inflated. Enjoy your own vehicle. I don’t know where your friends are coming from with advice like this.

Ditto to what Missileman said.

Unless, of course, there are extenuating circumstances, like you desire to pull a trailer.

If you’d rather take your car, then I vote for taking your car. Obviously your car is likely to be cleaner and more enjoyable to drive than a rental car, unless you spring for something really expensive.

Taking your car does mean that your next maintenance work will be earlier and that your car may be worth a bit less when you sell it, but once you pay for the rental car (especially an SUV), it’s hard to say if there will actually be a difference. If you were considering a much smaller rental car, then maybe saving some money on gas would be a consideration, but it appears that this isn’t the case. I am assuming you don’t have a lease with limited miles, correct?

One advantage of a rental is being able to continue your trip more easily if the car does break down. However, with a 2010 Acura, the chance of a problem here is pretty small.

Thank you guys!

I thought the same thing, I did compare the rental’s kind of cost me same. And no I am not leasing it and not pulling the trailer.

It’s less than 1400 miles one way. That’s not much at all for your Acura.

Like most who plan to rent instead of drive their own, you need ask yourself; do you plan on any problems in the next 1500 miles regardless of where you drive or the time you do it ? You have about as reliable car as you can for that mileage…agree, go for it. Some people just like using rentals but they are often no less convienient then what you have and worth it only if your car is old or not suited. Mileage might be a consideration but that will be eaten up in the rental cost. Plus, your car could be safer to drive given your familiarity with it.

Have you determined the cost of a rental car with 1400 miles?
I say use your car. It HAS to be cheaper.