2021 Toyota Corolla noise when going uphill

I recently got a new hybrid and a friend drove it in an unfortunate situation. My car which was quiet is now loud when I turn it on and is loud when I go uphill. It gets even louder when I turn on the heater. Idk what my friend could’ve done, as I don’t remember…

Since this is a new vehicle take it to dealer and use your warranty. Don’t confuse them with too much information . Just say that it makes a noise going up hill and when the heater is used. If your lucky the warranty will cover this . If not then your friend owes you the repair cost .


Unfortunately it’s unlikely this will be covered under warranty although your insurance might. As soon as the dealer’s shop looks at the car they’re probably going to see damage whether you give them the back story or not.

That may very well turn out to be true, but the OP would be foolish to start the diagnosis/repair process with anyone other than the dealership. Maybe he will luck-out and it will turn out to be a warranty-covered issue.

I didn’t say the OP shouldn’t take it to the dealer, only that it’s unlikely to be a warranty repair. The car will probably show signs of abuse that the shop will find on examination. That isn’t necessarily an excuse to take it somewhere else.

Maybe someone stole this car’s catalytic converter.


Let’s hope not, because the thieves are much more likely to use a Sawzall and butcher the entire exhaust system than to bring the correct tools and carefully unbolt and remove the cat…

It would be nice to know what this ( unfortunate situation ) the friend drove in was .

@tkessay18 Do return and post the final solution to this problem.

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How do you expect someone removing a cat with such low clearance.You need to put the car on a lift.

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No, a jack works just fine. Prius cats are prime targets and require some lifting as well.

See @texases’ post. Never underestimate what thieves will do to avoid legal work!


Yes you do. You just don’t want to say what is was.

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I was thinking along the lines that the “friend” hit/ran over something and damaged the muffler or exhaust.

Could be damage to the exhaust. Could very well be.

I had a similar problem years ago. To make a long story short. My radio was on and was tuned off a station.