Noise under car when car is off

Hi, I have a 2008 toyota corolla with 2500 miles on it. I have noticed that when I turn the car off there is a noise that is coming from the middle to rear of the car that sounds like metal banging. It reminds me of when you place a metal tray in an oven and the tray will pop. What is this noise? The car is running well otherwise. Thanks!

Probably the exhaust system cooling and shrinking.

Have you brought it back under warranty? Perhaps they have a shop bulletin on the subject, perhaps a hanger that they can add when a customer has this problem. It may even be normal.

Thanks for the info. I am planning on bring the car in soon, so I will post what they say.

Take it to the dealer under warranty. Chances are it is exhaust components cooling and normal. But one never knows.