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2021 Subaru Crosstrek adaptive cruise control question

When using adaptive cruise control at 60 mph a vehicle enters my lane so I brake. Now I’m driving at 40 mph. if I now want to resume speed of 60, do I simply press the RES/SET+ tab upwards and accelerator automatically resets to 60?
But what if, after breaking, I want to continue at the 40 speed? It does not help that ‘resume’ speed and ‘reset’ speed are both abbreviated ‘RES’ now does it? So would I simply (while driving 40 mph) press the RES/SET-tab downwards?

Didn’t the vehicle come with an owners manual?



Frankly , I just don’t understand what is so difficult about the cruise control for this person . Is this the first vehicle they ever had with cruise ? Of course the vehicle is not a 2021 so what is it.

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After something breaks, you will likely be going at much less than 40 miles per hour.
Hopefully, you won’t break your brakes!