Cruise Control Issues in 2005 Subaru

I drive an Outback 2.5i with manual transmission. First problem I had with the cruise was when driving for at least 150 miles plus,it would automatically kick itself off. When you would reset it, it would hold for about 2 minutes and then kick off again. With much insistence the dealer “reflashed” the computer and on the next long-distance trip it seemed to work fine. Then in early October I noticed that when driving a road with moderate hills, one that I have driven many times, the cruise would not hold the speed on the downhill. Speed would keep building until I either braked or the hill would flatten out. Before it would always hold the speed steady on any hill of moderate grade or less. It acutually felt like a braking motion. Subaru and the local dealership deny the car could do this but I have had the car 2 1/2 years and both my husband and myself have felt it. They again reflashed the computer but it did not work. Do other Subaru owners have this issue? Also, do you know that braking sensation I am talking about or do your cars not control your downhill speed at all?

A friend of mine drives an O5 Camry & when he applies the brakes on a downhill
stretch of road the transmission automaticaly downshifts to control the cars speed.

Hondas have a similiar feature.

Look in your owners manual, does your Subaru also have this feature??

No, no such featue, but with manual transmission, that would not be likely anyway.