2021 Mazda CX-3 - Hatch is unhappy

Our 2021 CX-30 has some sort of Computer issue: When I put the car in drive or reverse the Tailgate clicks and opens- not enough to open fully but enough to make the sensors beep every few seconds. Our Mazda mechanics called the the Gurus in California and after an hour and $145 they still did not have an answer! I have disconnected the hatch lock but now I cannot us e the trunk and AWD and other features are also disabled! HELP!! Please.

I’d guess there’s some sort of problem with the car’s internal computer-bus. That system is quite sensitive to low voltage, so the first step is to make sure the battery and alternator are both working to spec. Note that the battery & alternator voltage could both measure ok, but whenever a high current electrical load (like the starter motor) turns on, the voltage could briefly go below spec (usually due to an iffy battery) and adversely affect the computer bus. How old is the car’s battery? If over 4 years old, probably a good idea to replace it with a new one. Esp if you live in a hot climate.

I would try a different dealer. there have been a lot of other owners of your vehicle with liftgate latch problems. I have found a recall and a TSB about the latch problem. neither with your exact problem of opening when put in gear. your problem might be a software issue. like when you get to a certain speed your door Locks lock. your tailgate unlocks and opens when put in gear. do any of your other door locks click to the unlock position when this happens?

RCONL-21V086-2277.pdf (nhtsa.gov)

MC-10232281-0001.pdf (nhtsa.gov)

Mazda’s warranty is 3 (edit, thanks @jtsanders) years or 36,000 miles. 2021 car may be within the 3 year warranty. If the car was first worked on under warranty and they failed to fix it, they are still obligated to fix it for free.

Try another, smarter, dealer.

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@Mustangman meant 3 years and everything else is true. @MarilynBuzy , make sure you have your initial receipt from the dealer when you go to the next one.