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2021 Lexus RX 350 - tire pressure too high?

My Lexus 350 car tire pressure is 39 and the recommend pressure is 23 - 33. The weather has varied greatly. Is it dangerous to not do anything?

I would adjust them to the correct pressure listed on the door jam placard when cold. Look again, I can’t imagine as low as 23 PSI.

As to your question, dangerous—possibly, harsher ride—definitely.

Mr. Google says 33 psi front and rear tires . Where does this 23 number come from ?

I suspect you made a typo and reversed the digits in 32, making it 23. Anyway, if there’s too much pressure in a tire it has less contact with the pavement and obviously that’s not good. A little over, say 34 or 35psi, won’t hurt much but your pressure is high by about 20%.


I am sure that the 23 is a typo. Tire Guides says 33/33 front/rear.

Is 39 dangerous? Probably not, but tire pressure varies according to ambient temperature and if the 39 figure was measured in a heated garage (say 70°F) and the outside is 20°F, then the tire is actually being operated as though the tire was inflated to 32 psi cold. (1 psi for every 10°F change)

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I believe you meant to say 34 PSI here.

Are the tires cold when you take this measurement? Is the car outside or inside your garage at the time?