2021 Jeep Wrangler - HVAC issue

2021 Jeep Wrangler. No heat or defrost. Humming sound from engine. Temperature gauge up and down. Took it to the dealer who filled it with antifreeze until part came in. Dealer said this was a common problem and getting part was the issue. We were notified that part would be in next week. Still no heat or defrost and humming is worse. Checking coolant.

Ask your shop the name of the part they are waiting for, post here.

Are your referring to the dashboard engine-coolant temperature gauge? During the “up” phase, how high up on the scale is it going?

Any chance you please be just a little more vague?

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You should not be driving this vehicle. You should have left it at the dealer, this would ensure your vehicle would receive the first part to arrive.

Do you believe you might have one in your inventory?

Your explanation is vague, but you definitely don’t want to be driving this car if the coolant is still low. That can cause serious engine damage.

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are you just letting us know? or seeking advice/input?

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Just bored waiting for “the part”.