2021 Chevrolet Equinox - Leaks

floor is wet spare tire is wet

Warranty! Unless you have exceeded your 36/36000 warranty period.
If out of warranty, check if any drains are obstructed. Your dealership may do this free at the next service visit. Sometimes dealerships will do a few things free to keep their customer base happy.

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Having it fixed for free by a pro makes a lot of sense. However if you are asking if there’s anything you can do yourself, most likely it’s caused by rain water getting inside somehow. So on the next dry/warm day, spray the top & rear of the car with water, then watch to see which paths the water drains to the ground. Pay particular att’n to how the water goes down the rear of the rooftop , to a channel at the top of the rear window area, then around the rear window opening to the ground. Common leak spots are

  • Clogged roof drains
  • The roof/rear window interface
  • Taillight/body interface
  • Air vents on the side/rear of the vehicle that allow fresh air into the rear compartment area, usually located underneath a bolt on fender. .