2020 Toyota RAV4 - Smells like paint thinner

My husband Rav 4 has a strong paint thinner smell.

Why did someone name your husband RAV 4 ? A good long hot shower should take care of the paint thinner smell.


Now that Volvo has had his fun, it’s time for a constructive response. Anyone should know you mean your husband’s Rav4. In any case, a coolant (antifreeze) leak can produce a paint thinner smell. If the engine loses too much coolant it can damage the engine. A 2020 model should be under warranty. Schedule a service appointment with your Toyota dealer soon.


Maybe it’s that new car smell-though, the smell from clear floor mats is gawd awful

I’ve never thought of coolant to smell similar to paint thinner, coolant usually smells sweet to me.

+1 I wonder if something is outgasing

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Yes, but the OP failed to tell us exactly where on that vehicle the odor is emanating from.
Is it coming from the exhaust?
Do you smell it when you first get into the vehicle?
Is the odor being pulled-in when the HVAC system is activated?

Without details, nobody can supply an answer that makes sense–except for the possibility that this fully-warrantied vehicle may need to go back to the dealership for FREE repairs.


Could be salvage with no warranty. Never make assumptions.

Or, perhaps the OP is hallucinating. :wink:

Without more details, nobody could know for sure.
Right now, this would be similar to leaving a voicemail for one’s doctor, stating “I have a pain. What is wrong with me?”, hanging up the phone, and wondering why the doctor didn’t call back with an instant diagnosis.

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I think Toyota may be putting thinner paint on its products, hence the paint thinner smell.


It’s entirely possible it is indeed outgassing from the floormats. I honestly hadn’t thought of that possibility. Either way, it’s a better response than Volvo’s snarky answer. Anyway, assuming the vehicle is indeed new, a trip to the dealer will put the OP’s mind at ease.

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Easy to check, just pull the mats and see if the smell goes away.


I actually that his sarcastic response was better than his normal answer :man_shrugging:t2:

It could be the windshield washer fluid.

I’ve never smelled washer fluid that smelled like paint thinner, but until the OP returns to answer the entirely reasonable questions that were asked, all we can do is to guess. It’s been six days, with no response from the OP.

I’m thinking just another drive by OP that we may never see again.

Would that be something like, “Shut up and read your Owner’s Manual”? :wink:

I’ve used prestone bug wash-smells like a combination of dish soap and insecticide

That’s another good guess, but since it has now been 10 days since the OP originally posted her detail-less statement and has not returned to answer any of our questions, I think that it is time for this thread to go to cyber heaven.

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I just got done painting and never smelled anything like that from a car.

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