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Stall after filling gas and slight smell of paint thinner after use

I have a 2005 Toyota RAV4. Two issues:

  • Jerking with acceleration and reverse.
  • I had a small leak P0442 code.

Changed the canister and gas cap. Got the code within a year, still drove. After awhile, the car wouldn’t start the first time after filling with gas. Thought it was the purge valve. Replaced it. Same ignition results but car stopped jerking on acceleration and reverse. Also recently starting smelling subtle paint thinner smell when the car was off. Gas leak? Test with gas dye? Thoughts on what the real issues may be?

Old gasoline smells like paint thinner.


Never buy gas from gas stations that sell old gas.


How do you know it’s old before it’s in the tank?

Does that also mean there’s a leak?

No. But could you have put some very old gas in the tank? Maybe some gas from the lawn more can?