2007 Toyota Corolla battery

March 17, 2017, car won’t start; call tow, he jumps it, tells me I left my hazards on, I did not.
April 3, 2017, car won’t start, call tow, he tells me I left my lights on. I did because I figured out that the alarm, bing, bing, bing, that tells me my lights are on when I turn the car off, no longer works
April 7, cold and snow in Cleveland, at 6:40 am, car cranks 6 x before starting. I am in a panic and counting.
I look up Toyota on website and discover that there are some glitches in computer and car can turn lights on when it is off and kill battery. I call Toyota, explain, he looks up my car ID # and tells me there is no recall on this car
April 23 I notice car has trouble starting, but does not start at all; call tow, they replace battery and starter… car works well
Am I being gaslighted? I admit I left the lights on ONCE, but what about this other nonsense?
Please respond. I REALLY MISS YOUR SHOW. Thank you and I am sorry about Tommy.

Was this the first battery you’ve replaced since the car was new or the second?

11 year old car, first battery replaced?? WOW, that is along battery life! If that is the second battery replaced, 6 years on one, 5 years on the next battery? Completely normal, nothing unusual here. Just time for a new battery.

The end result, the battery was replaced and in your own words “car works well” Drive on, no gaslight here, just a tired battery. Unless, of course, you’ve neglected to tell us this car has had 11 batteries or some such in 11 years?