2020 Toyota Camry - why wasn’t it updated?

My 6 month old 2020 Camry with less than 2500 miles had to be jump started by AAA service. Their diagnostic of my problem stated my battery needed to be replaced. We immediately took it to the dealership and their analysis indicated I needed a firmware update to my DCM. Why would a new vehicle need this after 6 months on the road. What do you think or have you heard about this type of situation before.

its very common now a days for new cars to get firmware updates, or even recalls. the new corvette has gotten 4-5 of them already. they are done over the air through WI-FI through the info center. I would not worry about it especially that your covered under the warranty.

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Happens all the time, normal business. Car companies find field problems that they can easily correct with an update ALL the time. EVERY car company does this.


The dealer may have checked for updates when they did the PDI but it’s not unusual for a manufacturer to offer updates to the firmware to correct a problem that’s being reported. Mom’s 2010 Prius had a bunch of updates done by the dealer at Toyota’s expense. The updated software that was already installed on Dad’s 2019 CRV seems to have corrected the issues that earlier models were having.

The Data Communication Module (DCM) in millions of 2020 and 2021 Toyota and Lexus vehicles have a number of bugs, one of them is discharging the battery with the ignition off.

MC-10181782-9999.pdf (nhtsa.gov)

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