2015 Mazda Mazda6 - PCM update

I purchased a certified pre-owned Mazda 6 from a dealer. 1 month later the car needed to have its powertrain control module software updated. This should have been checked as part of the CPO program. Has anyone else experienced this?

PCM software updates are performed as needed, if there isn’t a performance issue there is no reason to search for updates.

If the software update was part of a recall it should have been performed before the sale if the update was available at that time.

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Key words. The update may not have been available when you bought your car.

It was due to a performance issue. The shift point was interrupted and the dealer updated the PCM software as a result.

Car was bought in December of 2018. Updated done in February 2019. The dealer that did the update said it had been available for some time now.

The COP paperwork had a check box for making sure the PCM software is up to date and as this was a certified pre owned car the selling dealer should have updated it.

If you got the update free 5 months ago and the vehicle is running fine why even worry about it.
I have said before all the CPO means is that it is Certified to be a used vehicle.

What is the point of all this? You lost an hour of your time and a trip to the dealer for a FREE update to a used car you just bought. Do you want some compensation for this? Talk to the dealer. Do you want us to agree with your and commiserate with your pain? Not gonna happen.

Lost more than an hour - car had to be towed as it was not driveable. Customer service from Mazda sucked as it took 8 hours to get a tow truck to the spot where the car broke down.

End of this chat, was just looking for advice, not commiseration!

If you would have stated this at the very beginning, you would have received different answers.

You only give half the facts, we can only guess on what little info you gave.


For the service bulletin with the TCM software update to apply to any vehicle the check engine light and transaxle warning light must be on along with certain fault codes stored in the computer. Some vehicles will need to have an oil pressure switch replaced. Some repairs and updates can’t be done proactively.

The office boys that created that check list may have though it would be a great idea to promise that the software in each of the vehicle’s computers is up to date but it is more complicated than they realize.

Yes thanks that is exactly what happened the check engine and transmission lights came on. The car has been fine since. Thanks for the clarification. Will be on lookout for the oil pressure if that becomes an issue. The power train is warranted through 2022 or 100000 miles.

It is a transmission oil pressure switch that is monitored by the computer but the replacement doesn’t apply to your vehicle, the repair bulletin applies to 5 different Mazda models from 2012 to 2019.