2020 Subaru Crosstrek = headlights dim

2020 Subaru Crosstrek low beam lights do not illuminte road. Only way I know they are on is by looking at dashboard for the green light indicating lights are on. Basically dealer gave me brush-off. Suggested I purchased a different bulb and informed by doing so it might cause some items not to work correctly and would void warranty if it caused anything to need repair. Where do I get help in solving problem? Suggested I tread up to higher version of Crosstrek.

What does the higher version have that yours does not? Can it be retrofitted?

Your Owner’s Manual should have a number for Subaru corporate. Elevate your problem to the next level. The dealer’s response doesn’t pass the sniff test IMHO.

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The Crosstrek is unusual in that its headlights vary from the best to the worst possible in IIHS testing. A higher trim would have better ones. Here is the link to the test results.

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So let me get this straight?

The trim level you buy from Subaru dictates the effectiveness of your headlights?

Another reason to tell people to never buy a Subaru!

Here’s why I tell people to never buy a BMW in the future.


Base, Premium and Sport models come with good old fashion halogen headlights, Crosstrek Limited has LED lamps. It is common with many manufactures to offer more expensive HID or LED headlights with higher trim packages. The Crosstrek starts at $22,145, it doesn’t come with premium features.

The city street lights where I live provide better lighting than the halogen headlights on my cars. The only use for headlights in my area is for the vehicles to be visible to other drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians but there are those who want headlights that are bright enough to blind others.


Just a thought but it occurs to me that you might want to make sure your headlights are aimed correctly, although I wouldn’t generally expect a problem on a 2020 model. Anyway, if they’re not aimed correctly it will diminish their effectiveness.

I’ve seen a fair number of people cruising the expressway after dark with only their DRLs on. They’re probably cursing the headlights on their car…



You’d think not being able to see the instrument cluster would clue them in.


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In most late model cars the instrument cluster is illuminated when the headlights are off.

Yes, but that is probably one more clue about people who rarely–if ever–look at their instruments.

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If they are the standard halogen bulbs, I guess the only thing you can do is upgrade the bulbs to something like the Silverstars. I have those and they are very bright. Not as good as HID or LED, but as good as can be expected with standard bulbs. Really though LED or HID make the road almost day light and would be a consideration for me when buying a new car, same as disc brakes. Probably something sales people should explain better.

I was taking a walk after dusk the other day and I’ve seen yet another car in my neighborhood with nothing but DRLs, driving under speed limit and that probably was too fast… as my flashilght had more brightness :slight_smile:

somehow I observe at least 1-2 such drivers weekly

I bet they were cursing their car headlights too :slight_smile:

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